Apr 30


While in Austin this past weekend John, Joe Mande and I found almost all the locations from Friday Night Lights.  John did his Buddy Garrity impression for most of the tour, which may account for why Joe only joined us on the first day of sight seeing.  Yes, we did spend two days doing this. 

It did take two days and it was completely worth it. For the record my Buddy Garrity impression is very very good. Some of the words I say best as him are “Lyla” and “Eric!” and of course, “the Boosters.” Saying the Boosters really helps me get into it. The best part of the tour for me was when we were at the real life Panther field (a functioning high-school called Pflugerville High) and I tried to take a photo of the real Panther athletes. Joe Mande correctly pointed out it was bad to photograph high school boys. Point taken.

"Lyla, I owe it to the Boosters" — Me as Buddy Garrity. 

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